The sauna facility

The sauna facility

We have a wide range of services available for you at our sauna facility. Below is a brief overview to get you in the mood for a visit to our sauna.

The Finnish sauna is the tried-and-tested sweat bath. Here, you will sweat in 90°C warm heat. Infusion with various fragrances provides additional soothing.

In the stone bath, special stones are heated before a swivel arm repeatedly lowers them into a tank filled with water and essential oils. In doing so, mineral agents are released from the stones and into the water. The resulting steam, rich in mineral content, quickly disperses throughout the entire room.

Airways are thus enriched with various, natural agents which are only released by the stones under these special physical conditions. Every time a stone is lifted out of the water, the water left on the stones evaporates, and the room temperature and air humidity rises. At the same time, the body is gently heated through a targeted supply of heat to the seating area.

The farmer’s sauna offers you herbal infusions at 90°C.

We recommend the bio sauna to anyone who has difficulties working up a sweat or who cannot tolerate high temperatures very well. The air temperature is 60°C with 40% humidity, meaning sauna sessions here can be longer than those in the Finnish sauna. And for all those who find cooling off in one of the plunge pools too boring, we also have snow in summer – only in the Snow Paradise of course.

The sand and light therapy is best appreciated when relaxing on bad weather days or after a sauna session. As is the case in nature, the percentage of pure light spectrum and UV alternates during the course of the day, meaning your body is always given the amount of light corresponding to the natural rhythm. The mild UV radiation promotes gentle tanning and stimulates metabolism. Special light has a positive effect on your psyche.