Soft packs

Our Soft packs

The soft divan forms the basis of many different treatments. At a room temperature of approx. 39°C, you’ll lie as if floating, without losing any heat.

Please book your soft pack appointment by telephone on + 49 (0) 35 92 / 51 58 30 before visiting the Körse-Therme.

Algae pack

Freshly prepared algae still containing all active agents are applied thinly on the body. Covering with foil and applying the right amount of heat allow the contents to be optimally absorbed by the body. The skin is hydrated and supplied with nutrients.

Moor pack

Moor packs are ideal for treating rheumatic complaints and tension.

Rügen medicinal chalk pack

Its pure white colour, odourlessness and fine, creamy structure make Rügen medicinal chalk an extraordinary ingredient for heat packs. Thanks to its natural composition and its effects, the “white gold” of Rügen benefits both the body and soul. It can relieve pain, has a positive impact on rheumatic disorders, joint complaints and skin disorders (e.g. neurodermatitis). The medicinal chalk treatments can purify the body, cleanse the skin and are good for calming.

Salt sludge pack

A salt sludge pack can be used to successfully treat psoriasis, which is accompanied by chronic degenerative arthritis. Cosmetically, salt sludge is used for peels and skin cleansing. The high salt content has a disinfectant and dehydrating effect.

Cleopatra pack

A Cleopatra pack nourishes and pampers the skin with milk (cow’s milk). The milk provides necessary minerals, valuable vitamins and trace elements.

Evening primrose oil pack

The hydrating, lipid-replenishing bath is a special treatment applied in clinical dermatology. The high percentage of gamma lipolenic acid in evening primrose oil makes it very effective for many skin irritations.

Orange blossom pack

The orange blossom pack is suitable for any skin type, and the treatment is especially recommended for broken capillaries. It calms and relaxes the skin.

Goat’s milk buttercream pack

The high-quality oils in the goat’s milk buttercream pack make the skin smooth and taut, hiding any signs of age. Rheumatic joint complaints, skin disorders, neurodermatitis and eczema in particular can be successfully treated.


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