Our Peelings

A peeling is a cosmetic treatment to remove surface in superficial layers of the skin. Here, the peeling acts threefold to the skin, it can be solved dead skin cells from the top layer of skin, the skin blood circulation is promoted, and salt or sugar crystals, the skin is scratched, so it starts up its repair program and produces new cells. The effect is a softer, smooth skin.

Please book your peeling appointment by telephone on + 49 (0) 35 92 / 51 58 30 before visiting the Körse-Therme.

Algae Peeling

Seaweed contains high quality minerals, trace elements, vitamins and iodine. The immediate application of the metabolism of the skin and underlying structures is greatly enlivened.

The algae peeling detoxifies, diuretic and detoxifying. The various effects of algae ensures a wonderfully taut and smooth skin.

Sea Salt Peeling

A sea salt peeling provides the skin with valuable minerals and helps to keep the pH in balance. The peeling gently soothes irritated skin and removes dead skin particles.

The sea salt peeling detoxifies, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic. The application is also useful for psoriasis, eczema, acne and rheumatism.

Aroma Peeling

The aroma peeling is made with an ethereal aroma massage oil of your choice and brown sugar. Depending on the type of fragrances used the peeling is relaxing or stimulating.

The aroma peeling gently cleans the skin, for a velvety soft skin and vital relaxation.

Sugar-Salt Peeling

The sugar-salt peeling is a relaxing peeling for gently cleansed skin with fresh citrus scent.

The peeling gently cleans the skin and causes a smooth refined complexion. You get a velvety smooth skin and vital relaxation.


Liebe Badegäste!

Wie in der Vergangenheit bereits angekündgt, haben wir unseren Thermenbetrieb zum 31.12.2022 eingestellt.

Das Team der Körse-Therme arbeitet nun daran, die Sanierung und Erweiterung der Körse-Therme Kirschau zu realisieren.

Wir werden Sie an dieser Stelle über den Fortgang des Projektes informieren. Soweit sich keine unvorhergesehen Hindernisse auf den Terminplan auswirken, hoffen wir auf eine Wiedereröffnung der Körse-Therme Kirschau voraussichtlich zu Ende 2025.

Wir danken jedem Einzelnen von Ihnen für den Besuch unserer Therme, wünschen Ihnen alles Gute und hoffen sehr auf ein Wiedersehen im Jahr 2025.

Ihr Team der Körse-Therme Kirschau