Our Massages

The massages listed here are available for you.
Please book your massage appointment by telephone on
+ 49 (0) 35 92 / 51 58 30 before visiting the Körse-Therme.

Small Turkish massage

In the small Turkish massage, we pamper your back and legs with a gentle peel before lathering them as part of a pleasant, soapy massage.

Big Turkish massage

In the big Turkish massage, we pamper your entire body with a gentle peel before lathering it as part of a pleasant, soapy massage.

Classic Back massage

Our intense back massage, which includes the neck area, releases blockages and relaxes body and soul. You’ll feel looser and “reborn”.

Back and arm massage

Treat your body to this unique combination of a classic back massage and an arm massage. Who hasn’t felt tension in the back or the neck, sometimes even extending as far as the shoulder and arm area? Our arms are put under a lot of strain every day, e.g. carrying heavy shopping bags, lifting up children, cleaning out cupboards, performing work-related tasks, and much more.

Back and leg massage

Backs often play up, and legs get tired and heavy. That’s when it’s time for our combined back and leg massage. Tense muscles are loosened, and the mind and body are relaxed, leaving them fresh, rejuvenated and full of beans.

Neck and face massage

Frequent sitting and incorrect posture – two things which dominate our working environment – quickly cause painful tension and blockages particularly in the neck region. These can also affect the face, and become apparent as small wrinkles. In a neck and face massage, all tension in the entire neck and face area is released and energy blockages eliminated through gentle pressing. The head and shoulders are also included in this treatment. So you’ll feel a deep, relaxed sense of wellbeing and radiate youthful freshness.

Scented oil massage

The scented oil massage is a full-body massage in which essential oils gently massaged into the skin act on the mind and body. Depending on the fragrances used, the aroma massage can be relaxing or stimulating.

Foot reflex zone therapy I and II

Foot reflex zone therapy is a body treatment based on the feet, but not a direct foot treatment, as the name may suggest. In order to carry out foot reflex zone therapy, we need an acute, chronic or previously cured problem. In the foot reflex zone therapy, the approx. 70,000 nerve cords connected to the internal organs and ending in the soles of the feet are pleasantly stimulated, thereby positively influencing the relevant body parts. Their muscles are relaxed and have better circulation, the nervous system and hormones are stabilised, the body is purified and general wellbeing improves. Foot reflex zone therapy I primarily serves as an examination. We recommend foot reflex zone therapy II as a follow-up treatment 5x in succession. Having just one single session of foot reflex zone therapy II rarely results on long-term improvement or relief.

Foot massage

Do you stand up often and for long periods of time during the day? Are you running around on your feet for extended periods of time? Then a foot massage is just the thing for you. Relax your mind and body while your feet are given a treat.

Hot roll

As the name suggests, things get hot here. The hot roll involves hot water being poured into a rolled-up hand towel, which is initially dabbed onto the back, before being rolled directly over it. Experience the beneficial effect of heat, water and a completely different type of massage. It will leave you feeling relaxed, warm and loosened up.

Breuss massage

The Breuss massage is an energetic spinal massage which loosens the spinal column and sacrum. It is performed using St John’s wort oil and tissue paper. This special massage technique gets blocked energy flowing again, and reduces mental pressure and stress, leaving you feeling energised again.

Hot Stone massage

The hot stone massage uses real lava stones, and has been performed since ancient times as a way of relieving and healing illnesses. The approx. 40 lava stones are heated to 60°C and placed on certain parts of the body, while warm oil is rubbed into the body. The whole body is then massaged using the hot stones. This massage will leave you feeling warm through and through, and completely relaxed. The heat even gets into deeper areas, creating an entirely new sensation within the body. A hot stone massage ensures penetrating, heat-radiating relaxation, loosens tense muscles, restores physical wellbeing after burnout, promotes mental balance, strengthens and activates the body’s own defences, encourages purification and detoxification, and relieves sleeping and circulatory problems.

PANTAI Luar™ (East Asian massage)

With a Pantai Luar, you will enjoy an East Asian massage which provides holistic care for your health and skin. The literal translation of Pantai Luar is “off to new shores”. Once the whole body has been rubbed with special, pre-heated oils, freshly bound fruit and herb pouches are warmed up in hot, particularly mature oil. The brief contact between the skin and the hot herb pouches stimulates the skin’s thermoreceptors and starts up a “repair system” for regenerating the cell structures. The high temperatures allow the active agents in the herbs, fruits and oils to combine in a unique manner and permeate the skin. The comfortingly warm, exotic and pleasant fragrance of this mixture intensively stimulates the limbic system in an unusual manner.