We’re family and kid-friendly!

Service for the kids

We are constantly striving to ensure the wellbeing of our youngest guests, as well as their parents or grandparents. That’s why you’ll find the larger family cabins with change tables and baby capsule space in our change-room facility. If you come as a larger group, you may also be able to use the group change rooms, after speaking with check-out staff./span>

Our toilets and bathrooms are equipped with wash basin stools and children’s WCs, while the indoor pool area has a kids’ toilet and change table.

The paddling pool also includes a basket of toys such as rubber ducks, boats and watering cans for our young guests to play with in the water. A crawling pen for infants is provided next to the paddling pool.

Our cafeteria has high chairs for the little ones, and the kitchen staff will gladly help you warm up any baby food. For slightly older children, we offer delicious, affordable kids’ menus, including potato fritters with apple sauce, and noodles with tomato sauce. The cafeteria also has some toys, such as picture books and memories to make the waiting times before meals more enjoyable.

If you want to take a break with your child, you are more than welcome to use the rest area in the gallery. Your baby can also have his/her midday nap here.


Health-related aspects for children

Use our pool to get your child accustomed to water. You can sit comfortably in our Jacuzzi in the indoor pool facility and hold your baby safely. The rising air bubbles are lots of fun even for the littlest of guests.

You can take a lot of precautions when it comes to your child’s health. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a Finnish sauna. Even a short visit to the steam chamber is highly recommended, particularly during the winter season. The moist, warm air opens up the bronchia and invigorates you for the wet and cold autumn and winter weather.

Children with skin complaints and respiratory disorders will benefit from a spell in the brine pool and brine tunnel. The salty air has an anti-inflammatory effect, and prevents and heals chronic bronchitis and sinusitis. The salty brine water relieves the rheumatic diseases, respiratory disorders and skin complaints. For more information, click here.


Liebe Badegäste!

Nach viel Arbeit und Mühe, aber auch Hoffen und Bangen müssen wir Ihnen leider mitteilen, dass wir unseren Thermenbetrieb zum 31.12.2022 einstellen.

Die massive Energiepreissteigerung, der andauernde Fachkräftemangel sowie der starke Besucherrückgang sind nur einige der Gründe, welche uns zu dieser schweren Entscheidung gezwungen haben.

Dennoch blicken wir zuversichtlich in die Zukunft und halten genau wie unser Landrat, Herr Udo Witschas, an unserer Körse-Therme fest. Gemeinsam mit dem Landkreis Bautzen arbeiten wir aktiv weiter an dem finalen Beitritt des Landkreis Bautzen in den Zweckverband, am Erhalt eines positiven Fördermittelbescheides sowie an der Sanierung, welche zu Mitte 2023 beginnen soll.

Wir bitten alle Gutscheininhaber darum, diese zeitnah, spätestens aber bis zum 31.12.2022, in unserer Therme einzulösen. Es bedarf keiner Reservierung, auch gelten derzeit keine Corona-Hygienemaßnahmen.

Ihr Team der Körse-Therme Kirschau