Welcome to the Körse-Therme in Kirschau

The leisure and health spa in Upper Lusatia

We are delighted to welcome you to the website of the Körse-Therme, which is home to the only brine pool in eastern Saxony. The sights and tourist attractions here in the beautiful Upper Lusatian mountains give you the chance to engage in diverse and active forms of relaxation, and also offer accommodation options to suit every taste. Nestled in the Spree Valley, Kirschau is the ideal starting place for relaxing walks along the river Spree. You’ll find our leisure and health spa in Kirschau, 10 km south of the large district town of Bautzen. Our family-friendly spa can also be easily accessed by car on highway A4 and state road B96. Of particular interest are the many villas and the beautiful town centre, which was built in the 1920s and has been extensively restored, blending in harmoniously with its surroundings.
The castle hill bearing the ruins of the medieval Körse Castle is a striking attraction, and was actually the inspiration for the name of our spa facility: Körse-Therme.

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